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Children's Plus, Inc. Services for School Libraries

Children’s Plus, Inc. is a customer focused resource available to you and your library. Children’s Plus, Inc. is here to be your vendor of choice when it comes to acquiring children’s and young adult print and audiovisual materials. As one of the fastest growing distributors in the country, we are known for our commitment to excellence in quality and outstanding customer service. From listening to customer needs to delivering quality materials is what Children’s Plus, Inc. is all about.

Children’s Plus, Inc. has been in business since 1979 and been serving school and public libraries across the nation and will continue with a school library focus moving forward. You can easily notice this with our continued improvements to our school library enhanced website. If you have not registered yet, simply click on "Create Account" now. This site is for school librarians only. We are a full-service resource for school libraries by offering thousands of titles from major publishers as well as many small, independent presses.

Are you tired of replacing heavily circulated titles? Look no further than CPI Prebound titles....the strongest and toughest pre-bound books in the industry. We are expanding by thousands of titles each year.

As we enter the twenty-first century, Children's Plus is ready to meet your needs with enhanced technology, an expanding sales force, and an ever growing list of titles for your children’s and young adult collection. Look to us to serve you.

Welcome to Children’s Plus, Inc!