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Binding Services

Quality Binding

Every Children's Plus Prebound book reflects the care and precision that went into its creation. Our books are bound to meet the specifications established by the Library Binding Institute, and the results are durable, high quality bindings that withstand years of circulation. Our covers are always bright, colorful and appealing to children of all ages.

Quality features of our bindings include:

  • Book covers are constructed with a 98 pt. high density fiberboard.
  • Each book is hand-sewn and glued with a 100% synthetic glue - not the more widely used but inferior brown animal glue - extending the life of the book.
  • Covers are printed using advanced, 4-color digital technology, ensuring a bright and appealing look.
  • All covers are laminated with a durable, easy-to-clean textured finish that protects the books and extends the number of circulations.

You can see the quality of our books for yourself by calling your CPI sales rep to schedule an appointment at your convenience. During the appointment you'll have the opportunity to examine a comprehensive selection of sample books in all major subject areas - without ever having to leave your school or library. To arrange a private preview, call our Customer Service department or your local Children's Plus sales representative (listed in the Contact Us section).